Sluban Best Priced Educational Block Toy Option Destroyer M38-B0390

SLUBAN Educational Block Toy DESTROYER
Suitable for: 
6 Years+
No of Blocks: 
Color box with instruction

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Sluban India brings to you an array of interesting building block toys. Sluban uses high quality plastic for its building blocks. The advantage of Sluban Educational toys is that its set of building blocks is fully compatible with other major brand like Educational Block Toy building blocks. It gives your kids more option to explore new games.

Sluban Toys serve as an Inexpensive means to empower your child's creativity,ambition and passion

Aircraft theme based toys like destroyer inspire the kids to be brave and protect their country. See your child take the charge and lead the team on a mission to attack the enemy with this Sluban Educational Block Toy Destroyer M38-B0390. It contains 615 number of building blocks. This Aircraft Theme based building blocks toy is sure to delight your kid and keep them creatively occupied.

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