Sluban Educational Block Toys Alternate Prowl Car M38-B0296

SLUBAN Educational Block Toys PROWL CAR
Suitable for: 
6 Years+
No of Blocks: 
Color box with instruction

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Sluban India presents an exciting range of building block toys for your kids. Let them explore unending source of fun-filled creativity with an exciting alternative to Educational Block Toys. The Sluban educational Prowl Car which is part of interesting educational toys is designed around Army theme encourages your child to experience the adventure of patrolling equipped with latest gadgets of communication.

Sluban Army theme based building block toys gives your child better alternative to Educational blocks toys. With an easy to comprehend set of instructions that come with this Sluban Educational Block Toys Prowl Car Building Blocks Set makes it easy to assemble. While building the prowl car from scratch, brick by brick constructively occupies your kid, it also develops the rotary and spatial skills in children.

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