Sluban Educational Block Toys C-mini-transport plane M38-B0362

Sluban Educational Block Toys C-mini-transport plane M38-B0362 Set
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6 Years+
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Color box with instruction

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Educational Block Toys Budget Price Option Sluban M38-B0362
Offering the aid to transport essentials and people from one place is a challenge. Sluban encourages your child to take this challenge feat and excel. This building block toys set by Sluban consists of 251 pieces of building blocks. This toys' set also comes with 3 characters that help make the transportation work easy. The set is complete with a four wheeler van to carry the goods for loading. Besides two ground staff one of whom also double as a driver there is a pilot who oversees the loading work. Sluban building blocks are fully compatible with Educational Block Toys and offer better alternative to people who wish to buy Educational Block Toys.

Sluban pays attention to child's safety first. The tiny building bricks are made of BPA-safe plastic keeping in mind the health safety of young children. The brand invests heavily in innovative designs and engaging themes. This is why the brand has become Europe's and Asia's popular building block brand among children. The brand is among the pioneer building block brands to offer mini figurines whose heads and hands can be easily rotated. It makes the toys assembling more interesting and adds fun to game building. Sluban is the perfect alternative for people looking for affordable Educational Block Toys.

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