Sluban Educational Block Toys Z-Seaplane M38-B0361

Sluban Educational Block Toy Set Z-Seaplane M38-B0361
Suitable for: 
6 Years+
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Color box with instruction

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Sluban introduces unending source of fun and entertainment for young minds. The brand introduces Sluban Educational Block Toy Z-Seaplane M38-B0361 building block toys set to develop the creativity and cognitive skills in children. This toys set is part of Aviation theme and offers challenging feat to assemble the bricks set to medium level. It comprises 214 pieces of building blocks that can be assembled using instruction manual provided with this set. There are two characters that can rotate its head and hand and be adjusted to create an engaging story. The toys brand uses best quality plastic to make it completely safe for young children. Standard molding lets these building bricks compatible with all the major building block toys including Educational Block Toys.

Sluban is a renowned name in building block toys manufacturer and retailer which caters to aspiration of young minds. This toys brand catches the attention of children with its various themes that are suitable to child with different aptitude. For children interested in imagination and creativity themes like Town and Girls Dream are preferred while for children with aptitude to action based games seem appealing. The brand offers excellent option to users who plan to buy toys that give them simulative experience of amphibian sports.

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