Sluban Educational Block Toy Eqestrian M38-B0517

Sluban Educational Block Toy Eqestrian Toy
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6 Years+
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Color box with instruction

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Educational Block Toy People Affordable Alternative Sluban Eqestrian M38-B0517

Sluban Educational Block Toys India brings to your child an unending source of fun and learning with its huge options of building block toys for your little child. Made of high quality plastic material, these building block toys are completely safe for children of two years of age and above. These toys offer a better substitute to Educational Block Toys sold online. Yet, in terms of affordability Sluban lEducational Block Toys perfectly fits in the budget of most parents. Building the complete game using building blocks offered by Sluban is also an excellent way to develop the motory and spatial skills of your child.

Sluban Educational Block Toy Eqestrian M38-B0517 set of building blocks is part of the Girls Dream theme set of building block toys offered by Sluban Educational Block Toy India. The advantage of these building block toys is that the character is fitted with hands and head which can be moved in oppose it direction and turn from left to right. The building blocks toy set consists of 21 pieces of building blocks including the toy character and mini figure of a girl. Let your girl child build a story keeping her in centre. Let her overcome the hurdles and win the race every time.

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