Sluban Compatible Educational Block Toy Fountain M38-B0519

Sluban Educational Block Toy Fountain
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6 Years+
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Color box with instruction

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Excitement never seems to end with widest range of a building block options presented to your child by none other than Europe’s leading toys brand Sluban. Because of its attention to economical pricing and selection of high-quality material for the blocks Sluban has become the household names for building block toys in Europe. Creating a complete game brick by brick is easy with Sluban’s building blocks which are manufactured using computerized precision molding. Sluban building blocks are compatible with Educational Block Toy and other major building blocks increasing the option for your child to play with different types of building blocks.

Sluban Educational Block Toy Fountain M38-B0519 is part of theme, Girls Dream. Colorful blocks which are part of this building block toys set promise loads of fun and unending source of learning for your little princes. The building block toys set comes with carefully designed building blocks and assortment of toys, mini figurine and cute characters. The complete set helps your little princess to weave beautiful stories with building blocks. The building block toys offered by Sluban Educational Toys India increases the cognitive and social able skills of your child besides keeping them occupied in a constructive pursuit.

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