Sluban Best Educational Toys Blocks Garden Villa M38-B0535

Sluban Educational Toys  Garden Villa Set
Suitable for: 
6 Years+
No of Blocks: 
Color box with instruction

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With its range of thoughtfully designed building block set of toys introduced by Sluban Educational toys India your child will love to stay indoors. India's leading Educational toys brand Sluban presents an exciting range of theme based building block toys which is compatible with major building block toys and cost significantly less than building block toys sold online.

These building block toys are designed to strengthen cognitive, spatial and sociable skills in young children of six years of age and above.

Sluban Educational Toys Garden Villa toy introduces your little princess to the beautiful social and orderly life full of countryside fun. Sluban building blocks are compatible with most of building block toys set parents buy online. Sluban Educational Toys toys India company presents the best alternative to parents planning to buy building block toys online. This set of Sluban building block toys comes with an assortment of Educational Toys toys to multiply the fun of living in green surrounding. It is fun to see your child recreate an engaging story around Garden Villa and social life.

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