Sluban Villa with Pool M38-B0532

Sluban Educational Block Toy Villa with Pool M38-B0532 Set
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6 Years+
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Color box with instruction

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Educational Block Toy Building Sets For Kids Preferred Substitute Sluban Villa with Pool M38-B0532
Let the Europe’s one of the pioneer building block toys brand engage your kids in creative activities. The brand uses innovative building block toys games based on themes to cater to different learning aptitude of your children. It’s an action based themes like Army, Police, SOS Rescue and Space are very popular among kids who love outdoor sports. It also caters to children with an interest in adventure and creativity. Themes like Girls Dream and Town attract children with an interest in creative learning around home building. The brand uses building block better alternative at an extremely affordable price.

Girls Dream Villa With Pool M38-B0532 set of toys comes with 291 number of building bricks. It includes three mini figurines and a companion little cat that will give your princess company inside the Villa. The brand pays attention to ambience of the Villa. The colorful building blocks that are part of this toys’ set are in sync with the theme. This toys’ set will appeal to little angels with an interest in experiencing relaxed and comfy life in the city. This Villa Pool game set is fully compatible with other building block toys brand like Educational Block Toy.

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