Pirate Theme M38-B0279 Star Wars Toys Alternate Blocks

Educational Block Toys Toy Pirate Theme Set
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6 Years+
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Color box with instruction

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Educational Block Toys Bionicle Budget Price Substitute Pirate Theme M38-B0279

Sluban has lived up to the expectation of its European consumers by offering them quality toys at affordable prices. Its building blocks are made of high quality plastic and are completely non-allergic for your kids. This Educational Block Toys brand offers various theme based toys to engage your child in a fun-filled way. Each of these themes is intended to suit a child with different personality trait. Sluban offers a varied theme ranging from Aviation, Army to Police, Fire and Girl.

This set of assorted toys based on building blocks comes with sea pirates to double the fun for your kids. See your kids weave an interesting story based on marine adventure and discovery of hidden treasure below the sea. The sea based game comes in brown, black and red coloured assorted toys. Kids from Goa, Bhubaneshwar and beach cities can double their experiencial joy with Educational Block Toys Pirate ship game. Be creative, buy Educational Block Toys toys in Goa from better substitute Educational Block Toys retailer, SlubanIndia and double your holiday joy.

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