Sluban Affordable Educational Block Toys Alternative Large Pirate Ship M38-B0127

Sluban Educational Block Toys Large Pirate Ship M38-B0127 Set
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6 Years+
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Color box with instruction

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Educational Block Toys Harry Potter Low Priced Option Sluban Large Pirate Ship M38-B0127

Let your child take on the water world with confidence and fun. Sluban introduces Pirate theme based Large Educational Block Toys Pirate Ship M38-B0127 which is very popular among European kids. This game set comprises 379 pieces of building blocks that are easy to assemble following pictorial description guided offered with this toys set. It comes with 4 mini figurines to allow your child to weave the interesting story around the sea adventure. Whether its the exploration of treasure under the sea or to establish the supremacy off shores, let your child decide and rule.

Sluban has been popular among kids for its focus on interesting building block games set that capture the attention of young mind. The brand lays emphasis on creativity and keeps introducing themes that can engage the children in creative pursuits. The brand offers better alternatives to parents looking to buy Educational Block Toys in India online. The brand offers better quality building block toys made of best quality plastic and sells it at much less price than Educational Block Toys. This has been the reason behind Sluban's popular among Indian kids and parents.

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