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Sluban Space Theme Educational Block Toys

Childhood is the best time for your kids to open up the vast knowledge of cosmos. Thanks to exciting range of games based on various themes, Sluban Educational Block toys brand opens new avenues of learning and fun for your little kids. Building blocks games offered by Sluban India uses top-quality, non—allergic plastic which is completely safe for the children.

The games offered under space theme presents an abundant knowledge of solar system. Kids are encouraged to take up space expeditions. They learn about, neighbor planets and the Rockets and spacecrafts which can take them to distant planets. Kids understand the concept of rocket science and a role of astronauts and spacecrafts.

Space-based games boost the imagination and creativity in kids. They learn the macro concept of planetary objects when they build the complete game brick by brick. Precisely molded building blocks of Space theme based games are made of high quality plastic. These building blocks are easy to assemble and keep your child occupied in an interesting way. A huge variety of games based on different themes have made Sluban one of the popular building blocks based toys brand in European countries.

Building blocks based games significantly help in nurturing the creativity in kids of six years of age and above. They strengthen better eye and hand coordination. They increase the rotory, cognitive and social skills in children. The child is encouraged interact and engage others children in the fun filled games around Space theme.

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