Afforddable Educational Block Toy Sluban Rooter M38-B09600

Sluban Educational Block Toy Dumper Set
Suitable for: 
6 Years+
No of Blocks: 
Color box with instruction

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Sluban building block toys brand is popular because of its focus on quality and it's attention to detailing. In a very short span of time the brand has become Europe’s one of the most preferred building block toys brand.It provides children with an option to explore Educational Block Toy suitable to their attitude based on various interesting themes. These themes include from action based themes like, Army, Aircraft and Aviation to themes that encourage creativity and imagination like Space and Town. The building blocks brought by Sluban Educational Block Toy India are suitable for children of six years of age and above.

Let your child discover the joy of keeping the city clean with its range of building block toys set under Town theme. The Dumper model toys’ set comprises 93 building block pieces and a character required to operate the dumper. Finely molded building block pieces compatible with Educational Block Toy give your child more options to explore their creativity. Besides keeping the young minds engaged these Educational toys also help in better eye and hand coordination.

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