Sluban Lego Toys Substitute Excavator M38-B0176

Sluban Lego Excavator Toy Set
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6 Years+
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Color box with instruction

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Sluban Lego India lets your child enjoy the best time of their life, their childhood at its best. Sluban building block toys gives them the best means to enjoy learning and have fun at the same time. These building blocks are designed to increase hand-eye Coordination and to facilitate sharp observational skills in children. Another advantage of these lego toys are that they are fully compatible with Lego building block toys available in India. Sluban lego toys are made of top quality, non-allergic plastic which are completely safe for your children. Apart from the attention to quality, Sluban Lego India also invests heavily in innovation and design which is why it has become Europe’s favorite building block toys brand.

Let your child to discover the challenging tasks that lay the foundation of a modern city. Sluban Lego India introduces your child a tough task of building the base of the city. Sluban Lego Excavator M38-B0176 building block toys’ set comprises 62 pieces of building blocks and one mini character supposed to operate this huge machine. This lego toys set is part of town theme based building block games which strengthens child’s cognitive skills and ensures better eye and hand coordination in them. It will appeal to parents with limited budget looking for Lego building block toys online for their kids.

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