Afforddable Educational Block Toy Sluban Rooter M38-B09600

SlubanEducational Block Toy Rooter Set
Suitable for: 
6 Years+
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Color box with instruction

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Sluban Educational Block Toy India is known for its expertise in designing exciting range of building block toys for kids .These building block toys are designed to encourage children to explore, to give wings to their imagination and to learn. The brand uses precision moulding to ensure that the bricks are durable, firmly gripped to one another when clubbed together which create amazing real structures to entertain your kids. Sluban Educational Block Toy India presents a large variety of theme based building block toys that facilitate child’s learning.

Sluban Educational Block Toy Rooter M38-B09600 consists of 106 pieces of building block toys based on Town theme. Let your child get to the basics of masonry and plumbing with innovatively designed tools at its disposal. These building block toys can perfectly be joined with building blocks from Educational Block Toy or any other major building block toys. Assembling these pieces to create the structure helps the child in strengthening eye and hand coordination and in increasing motory skills. These Educational Block Toy aid your child’s learning while keeping it occupied creatively.

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