Sluban Educational Building Block Better Alternate Toys Scorpion M38-B0111

Sluban Educational Block Toy Scorpion
Suitable for: 
6 Years+
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Color box with instruction

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Give your child the best outcome of innovation and engineering presented in the form of a building blocks toy sets and brought to you by Sluban Educational Block Toys India. The brand endeavors to bring international quality building block toys to every Indian kid. The brand promises high-quality, non-allergic building block toys that are reasonably priced and are of same quality as the ones offered by building block toys. Additionally, the building block toys’ set presented by Sluban Educational Block Toys India nurtures the creativity, cognitive skills and ensures better eye and hand coordination for kids.

Let Sluban Educational Block Toys India create new space of fun and gaming for your child by presenting it with an option to explore the city suburbs on its sports and adventure motorbike, Scorpion. Sluban Educational Block Toys Scorpion M38-B0111 is part of Town theme based building block toys which instills curiosity. This building block toys based on outdoor sports activity encourages better colour memory and cognitive skills in your child. The game back consists of 24 pieces of building blocks. Bright white and yellow shaped gears and the steering wheel in contrasting black-and-white wheels perfectly resemble Scorpion shaped motorbike.

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