Sluban Educational Block Toy Alternate Track Transporter M38-B0172

Sluban Educational Block Toy Track Transporter
Suitable for: 
6 Years+
No of Blocks: 
Color box with instruction

Sluban Educational Block Toy India aspires to present the best of building block toys that are available to children in Europe and Australia to its Indian fans, the curious young minds. The brand is known for providing the Indian kids with theme based building block toys that are second to none other than educational toys. The brand is always keen in listening to the needs of the young child and present them the best of creative, innovative games based on building block toys. The brand uses the best quality plastic material which makes it perfectly suitable for children of six years of age and above.

Sluban Educational Block Toy Track Transporter M38-B0172 is part of its thoughtfully designed Town theme which is very popular among kids. This Educational Block Toy set will appeal to child with an attitude for sports and outdoor activities. This building block toys set is compatible with and it consists of 638 number of building blocks including one character of the driver. Every Sluban Educational Block Toys set comes with easy to follow instructional guide which makes it effortless to assemble the tiny and precisely molded building blocks.

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