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Every month Sluban is introducing a question and answer session with expert wherein Sluban offers expert advice to child on its channel. Parents and teachers can ask behaviour specific questions and expect answers. Besides eating utensils from the experts, Sluban also encourages parents and specially mothers to come forward share their experience and help the community in raising responsible citizen. We have listed below some of the frequently asked questions on merit of frequency and popularity.

Parents who don’t find the answers to their questions here may post their queries and we will forward it to our empanelled expert and post it in our monthly blog.

Educational Games Lovers Queries

Sluban invites yoga teacher Preyash Mishra to answer Parents’ query on Parenting


Question: My son has started creating nuisance, shouts at other children. Should I be concerned about it?

Answer: It’s good that you observed. The growth in a child’s personality starts from nascent age and continues up to teens. While in the early years the focus should be to encourage other activities that strengthen heart involvement. From 6 to 12 the focus should be to develop the mind and from the 12 an words the focus should be on development of skills that is the focus should be on empowering hands.

Parents today due to ignorance have started putting pressure on mind in early ages which is incorrect. Child’s exposure to electronic toys, TV games, mobiles and electronic devices should be avoided in early years. Activities that encourage better eye hand coordination, should be promoted. Children should be encouraged to devise their own game and DIY activities.

Question: Can the kids be introduced to building block games?
Answer: Yes, building block toys can be a good medium to train kids and keep them occupied. However attention should be paid to ensure that the kids don’t swallow small bricks. Kids below six years of age should be supervised while they are playing with the building blocks.

Question: How to address constant nagging in kids?
Answer: Children are very good observer. They quickly note how one is responding to its requests or tantrums. It starts with a request or a desire or need. Once it is fulfilled and after repeat the stances the child also the patterns and start using it to its advantage. So, there are two different approaches of addressing this problem. First identify the genuine need try to address it properly. Second, clearly communicate such activities in front of others or even in in person is not an appreciable or worth getting attention. Once you make this distinction you will be able to stop the child from developing a pattern of using nagging to his or her advantage.

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