Seaside Villa M38-B0536 Building Block City Option Building Block Toys

Sluban Educational Toys  Bricks Seaside Villa
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6 Years+
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Color box with instruction

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Building Block Creationary Affordable Option Sluban Building Blocks Seaside Villa M38-B0536

Surprise your child with an exciting gift of building block toys meant to strengthen the learning and sociable skills in children. Sluban building block toys are made of high quality non-allergic plastic which makes them completely safe for young children of six years of age and above. Sluban building block toys are an outcome of years of understanding of a child's aptitude, needs and wishes. Each theme of Sluban Educational Toys caters to certain aptitude of a child making it easy for parents to buy best suitable building block toys for their children.

Sluban Educational Toys Seaside Villa is designed to strengthen the cognitive as well as sociable skills in young children. This building block toys is part of Girls Dream theme based building block toys. It is the best alternative building block toys for parents who want to choose pocket friendly building blocks toys set over buying toys online. Seaside Villa is part of Girls Dream collection which comes with exhaustive set of building blocks to erect two storied sea facing rooms, verandah, sitting chairs and table. It also features an assortment of toys your child will need to simulate the joy of living a lavish life in a seaside villa.

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