Sluban Police Van Compatible Educational Block Toys M38-B0273 Building Blocks

SLUBAN POLICE VAN Educational Block Toys
Suitable for: 
6 Years+
No of Blocks: 
Color box with instruction

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Sluban India completely understands and respects the importance of creative engagement for your kids. India's leading SLUBAN Educational Block Toys brand is presenting a wide range of theme based building blocks toys to excite and challenge your kids for their creative pursuits. These toys nurture the young kids of six years and above age to socialize, interact and express their creativity using Sluban building block toys.We have designed the keeping in mind the general as well as the custom need of every child.

This set of building block toys is made of high quality plastic which is completely safe for your child. Sluban Police Van Educational Block Toy is available in white and blue colors. When children build this police truck from start, they learn about each the functional use of each component.

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