Sluban Hephaestus M38-B0212 Educational Block Toy

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6 Years+
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Color box with instruction

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Thanks to the widest range of building block toys options brought by SlubanEducational Block Toy India, it has become really easy for parents to keep their children occupied and at home without any complaints. Sluban team understands the psychology of children and has to offer innovative building block noise catering to unique aptitude of every child. Right from offering action packed themes of Police, Army and SOS Rescue for children who love action and adventure, it also offers Educational Block Toys to nurture the creativity and analytical skill sets in children.

Sluban Educational Block Toys Hephaestus M38-B0212 set building block toys is a part of Space theme which catches the attention of children interested in action and adventure sports. This game set comprises 285 number of building blocks pieces that can be joined together to build a giant structure of a powerful character. Sluban Educational Block Toy Hephaestus can help the kid rule the space with the powerful saviour and protector by his or her side.Sluban Toys offer effortless and active involvement for your child This set of building block toys offers better value for money to parents who are looking for Educational Block Toys,

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