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Sluban India Block Formula Car Toys

Sluban Block toys brand presents an all exciting way to introduce your child to the racing world building block games. Sluban India Block Formula theme based game offers a wide range of toys including racing cars, speedsters and complete set of toys. These building blocks based game presented under Formula theme are compatible with Block building block game.

Sluban India Block Formula theme offers racing cars and trucks like Sluban F1 Racing Car and Sluban F1 Truck. Besides these speed racing vehicles, the kids also explore tracks, speed breakers, landmark pointers, tracks, pit lane and grid structure.

The kids learn to assemble wheels, take position by making their cars ready for the race and taking the assisted toys off the grid. They learn the rules and regulations of the racing along the way. Our Block Formula theme appeals children having interest in outdoor sports.

Sluban Block Racing cars based on Formula theme help the child to sharpen their observational skills. They find it interesting to assemble racing cars and trucks in a jiffy and keep it ready for the race. Sluban building block based toys perfectly resemble Block toys, however in terms of pricing Sluban toys are very reasonable. This has been the reason why it is one of the most sought after toys brand in Europe.

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