EconomicalEducational Block Toy Emergency Center M38-B5600

Sluban Educational Block Toy Emergency Center Set
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6 Years+
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Color box with instruction

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Sluban Educational Block Toy India believes in introducing simulative and real-life inspired themes and games which not just keeps your children occupied it also educates them in a constructive manner. They keep your child involved effortlessly. Sluban Educational Block Toy India uses top quality plastic material which is fully safe for your young child. The brand offers one of the best alternatives to parents looking for Educational Block Toy. Because of its attention to top quality and economical pricing the brand is becoming the most sought after building block toys brand in India. Its Educational Block Toy are suitable for children of two years of age and above.

Sluban Educational Block ToyEmergency Center M38-B5600 is designed to provide children with simulative experience of an emergency Center. The child gets to understand the basics of emergency care, safety measures and precautions required at the time of an emergency. This Educational Block Toy consists of 376 number of building blocks including the caretakers, attendants, doctors and patient character. From the critical role to doctors Chamber to technologically equipped patient’s bed, the child gets to learn about every aspect of emergency care. Let your child understand and value the services rendered by the emergency center with an engaging game set available as part of town theme.

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