Sluban Heavy Engineering M38-B9700 Educational Block Toy

Sluban Educational Block Toy Heavy Engineering
Suitable for: 
6 Years+
No of Blocks: 
Color box with instruction

With its interesting range of building block toys, Sluban Educational Block Toy India has caught the attention of children young and teens alike. The brand sincerely devotes its energy in designing building block toys that are based on a theme and appeal to children with specific aptitude. Sluban has been Europe’s popular toys brand which caters to the aspiration and needs of parents looking to buy Educational Block Toy online in a limited budget. Sluban Educational Block Toy India is introducing Europe’s popular theme based toys to its Indian consumers. The brand takes pride in using best quality plastic material for building blocks making it completely safe for your young child.

Sluban \Educational Block Toys India brand is providing Indian children with an option of theme based toys to entertain and challenge their creativity. It encourages your child to take up the most challenging task of building dream town with Sluban Educational Block Toy Heavy Engineering M38-B9700 . It will appeal to child with innovative mindset and an inclination towards engineering. It also paves the way for children to develop their curiosity for scientific subjects like engineering in a fun-filled way. The Educational Block Toy consists of total 474 pieces of building blocks and an assortment of characters to complete the fun story for your child.

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